Want access to our song resources at the best possible price? Then the Jubilate Annual Pass is for you.

Our Annual Pass gives you 12 months unlimited access to every song resource on this site. That's every piano score, choir score, mp3, Scorch file and instrumental part*. Once you've purchased your pass, simply visit the page for any song you want, and click on the item you wish to download. Simple as that. For a whole year.

Annual Pass Fees

Year 1: £34.99
Year 2 onwards: £19.00

How have we priced it?

We've priced the Annual Pass to reflect the way our subscribers use our site, and to offer good value to those who want access to a wider selection of hymns and songs. If you add up the total cost of all the items included it's clearly exceptional value. But we're realistic about this - we know most people only come to us for a selection of material, to mix with many other songs from elsewhere. So we hope we have struck the right balance.

What happens at the end of the year?

After such unfettered access, your needs will have changed. So, towards the end of the twelve month period, we'll contact you, offering you the opportunity to renew your pass. If you do so within a two-week grace period we'll give you a discount for the following year. If you choose not to renew, your access will be limited to those items you have already purchased.

*The annual pass includes all song resources, but doesn't apply to Store items such as digital albums, CDs, songbooks. Put simply, if it is downloadable from a song-page, it's yours.

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