Jubilate Celebration - 50 years since Youth Praise

by Roger Peach
What a great day we had! Writers, composers and supporters of Jubilate and RESOUNDworship all joined for a day-conference at All Souls Langham Place on Saturday 15th October in celebration of half a century of new songs and hymns that began with the ground-breaking Youth Praise in 1966. The morning programme was brilliantly...
Posted at 16:59pm on 19th October 2016

Ella, Elvis, Paul & John: The Collaboration Effect

by Joel Payne
A common criticism of the X factor, phenomenon of Saturday night viewing, is that it is a 'karaoke contest.' 'Yeah, they can sing,' says a critical voice, 'but they don't write their own stuff. They're not proper musicians.' Pop acts who sing material constructed by the supposed dark forces of...
Posted at 17:18pm on 2nd September 2016

Tinkering with hymn texts…blessing or curse?

by Michael Saward
Many people struggle when a hymn text they have known for years is altered in any way. However Jubilate has always advocated that this practice can be enriching for our worship and is essential in our mission to the unchurched. Michael Saward in the preface to Hymns for Today’s Church, written thirty years...
Posted at 21:13pm on 29th June 2016

Quality Control - the Jubilate Assessment Process

by Roger Peach, Joel Payne, Martin Leckebusch
Have you ever enjoyed singing through three quarters of a new song, only to find one bar or phrase that jars badly? What a disappointment! If only this had been picked up on much earlier, and the writer encouraged to revisit it; it is a serious distraction from being able to engage...
Posted at 21:46pm on 28th June 2016

Welcome to the Jubilate website!

by Roger Peach
Welcome to the Jubilate website! Here are some of the features: 

1.      a fresh contemporary look to the website, now compatible with mobile devices.

2.      a comprehensive search facility – as well as the homepage general search option you can now see at a glance all pieces alphabetically listed by both first line and tune...
Posted at 17:02pm on 27th June 2016
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