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In these times of fear and uncertainty, where we prepare ourselves to encounter tragedy, the usual repertoire of songs can seem trite. The emotions and faith we have expressed time and again can feel empty. Not because those songs or emotions are not valid but because we find ourselves in a new place, and long for new words and melodies to help us within today's struggles.

This list of songs is drawn from friends of Resound Worship and other places, to help you find something new to sing. There are other songs out there, from the well-known sources, but you probably know those, and there is a rich source of worship music beyond the mainstream. Some writers you will know, others will almost certainly be new to you.

In the list below you'll find laments, expressions of faith and salvation, words of comfort and hope, and songs of blessing. Some may be immediately congregational, others might serve as solo piece that ministers to those gathered. Or you might share the video where unable to meet.

This list may well be expanded over the coming weeks.

Are you there when life is darkened - Martin Leckebusch
A hymn text addressing depression, fear and loneliness that will fit many well known tunes
Lyrics & Score

By the waters of Babylon (Psalm 137) - Jubilate
A three-part canon mourning displacement in worship
Track & Score

Can the dead rise up to praise (Psalm 88) – Chris Juby
A song of lament based on what is usually considered the darkest Psalm in the Bible.
Video / Charts

Come to me - Wendell Kimbrough
A gentle invitation from Jesus to bring our burdens and find rest
Video / Charts

Death may approach – Greg de Blieck
A hymn-like declaration of confidence in the face of death based on Romans 6
Video / Charts

Faith overcomes! the light of Christ is shining - Christopher Jones
A hymn of confident faith in Christ, through the unfolding story of salvation
Track & Score

From death (Psalm 30) – New Scottish Hymns
A confident song of salvation from death (with a groove)
Video / Charts

How long - Rachel Wilhelm
A short and simple song of lament
Track & Lyrics

I’ll not be shaken (Psalm 62) - Wendell Kimbrough
A modern hymn of trust in the mould of the Psalmist
Video / Charts

I am here for you - Emma & Stuart Townend
A song of friendship to support each other in the hardest times
Video / Charts

No need to fear – Graham Kendrick
A song of assurance and trust
Video / Charts

Nothing to fear - Audrey Assad, Paul Zach and Isaac Wardell
A gentle and stirring affirmation that God is with us through suffering
Video / Charts

May the grace – Mark Bradford
A blessing for the congregation to sing over one another
Video / Charts

My soul finds rest (Psalm 62) – Sandra McCracken
A song crying from the depths with the psalmist
Video / Charts

O faithful Lord – Mark Bradford
A hymn-like expression of faith written out of a time of grief
Video / Charts

O Lord, the God who saves me - Michael Perry & Paul Edwards
A hymn drawn from the darkness of Psalm 88
Lyrics & Score

Oh sisters and brothers – Joel Payne
A song of grief, death and future hope
Video / Charts

Peace - Sherri Youngward
A gentle but insistent song calling our souls to peace
Video / Charts / (Daniel Snoke Cover version)

Psalm 13 (How long) – Nigel Briggs/Trent Vineyard
A song of lament and yearning in the midst of trouble
Video / Charts

Still, small voice - Ben Trigg
A song of waiting and hearing God amidst the troubles
Video /Charts

The Lord my Shepherd rules my life - Christopher Idle
A modern hymn text on Psalm 23
Lyrics & Score

There’s a time for tears – Sam Hargreaves
An honest and gentle song that meets God within the place of grief
Video / Charts

We are blessed – Andy Flannagan
A song of a struggling world and social responsibility
Video / Charts

Where O grave is your victory - Ben Slee
A song of hope in a glorious resurrection from 1 Corinthians 15
Video / Charts

When God’s perfect plans (Jesus, Lord of Peace) – Andy Clark
A song of solace and hope when tragedy strikes
Video / Charts

You reign – Rebecca Beese
A song of confidence in a sovereign God
Video / Lyrics

You reign - Jonny Shepherd
A contemporary praise anthem declaring the sovereignty of God over a sin, disease, economies and more.
Video / Charts