Below is an ever-increasing list of hymns and songs with downloadable lyric videos - recordings (taken mainly from Big Sing events) with full subtitles, making it easy for all to join in. Click on each title to access the lyric page, with full lyrics, a Youtube preview and a download option for each lyric video. 

  1. A bowl of water and a towel 
  2. A servant of the Lord awaits
  3. A shroud of darkness (CHRISTMAS ALLELUIAS)
  4. All hail, majestic Trinity! 
  5. Alleluia! Christ is risen 
  6. Amid a world of pain and war
  7. Almighty God, God eternal 
  8. Angel came to Mary
  9. As daylight fades (Evensong) 
  10. Ascended Christ who gained
  11. Away in a manger 
  12. Baptised in water
  13. Before they leave the upper room 
  14. Behold, I am the first
  15. Blow upon the trumpet
  16. Born in Song 
  17. By the waters of Babylon
  18. Christ, grant me grace  
  19. Christ is surely coming
  20. Christ triumphant, ever reigning 
  21. Christingle, Christingle
  22. Come and sing the Christmas story
  23. Come down Holy Spirit 
  24. Come, journey to a humble dwelling
  25. Come see the baby
  26. Dark is the night  
  27. Day of rejoicing
  28. Down to the Lords of earth
  29. Downtrodden Christ
  30. Eternal Father, strong to save 
  31. Exult, creation round God's throne
  32. Everything is yours, Lord
  33. Faith overcomes
  34. For distant clouds
  35. Forty days and forty nights
  36. Give thanks for Whitsun wind and fire 
  37. Glory to God! Hear the angels tell
  38. Glory to Jesus  (Thine be the glory)
  39. Go forth and tell 
  40. God, creation comes from you 
  41. God of all human history 
  42. God of my life 
  43. God of overarching splendour
  44. He came down
  45. He stood before the court 
  46. He was pierced
  47. Holy, holy, holy (Santo, santo, santo)
  48. Hope for the world's despair
  49. How the enigma of holiness beckons
  50. I believe in God the Father
  51. I come in joy and wonder
  52. I love you, O Lord, you alone
  53. I met the Lord 
  54. Icon of the invisible God
  55. In Christ we died; with Christ we live
  56. In psalms and hymns
  57. Jesus, come! for we invite you
  58. Jesus in the desert
  59. Jesus is King
  60. Jesus, hope of every nation 
  61. Jesus, lead us to the Father
  62. Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world 
  63. Let us join the jostling throng 
  64. Longing for a hope-filled morning
  65. Lord, be my vision
  66. Lord God, we bring you thanks
  67. Lord of love, you come to bless
  68. Lord, speak softly to my soul 
  69. Lord, you are the light of life to me 
  70. Lord, you chose your first disciples
  71. My song is love unknown
  72. New light has dawned, the Son of God is here
  73. No frightened shepherds now
  74. No words, O Lord, can tell 
  75. Now is the time, the time of God's favour 
  76. Now we hear creation groaning 
  77. O come, Christians, wonder
  78. O come to him receive him
  79. O Holy Spirit, come to bless 
  80. O Sacrifice of Calvary 
  81. O sing, O sing the greatness of the Lord
  82. Oh, what a wonder you are 
  83. Peace be with you all, we sing
  84. Riding out across the desert 
  85. Search our hearts, we pray
  86. See him lying on a bed of straw (Calypso Carol)
  87. Send us out in the power of your Spirit 
  88. Sing of the God who spoke  
  89. Sing praise to Christ the child
  90. Sing to God new songs of worship
  91. Spirit of God, you know my inmost being
  92. Spirit of holiness
  93. Tell all the world: the Lord is King
  94. The church’s one foundation
  95. The earth is yours O God
  96. The hands of Christ 
  97. The Lord restored us 
  98. The virgin Mary had a baby boy
  99. There's a man riding in on a donkey
  100. They shall grow not old
  101. This earth belongs to God
  102. To the Lord I looked in patience
  103. We come to this your table, Lord
  104. Welcome, Jesus child of Mary
  105. When the guns of war
  106. When we were lost and far away
  107. When you prayed beneath the trees
  108. Whose hand could shape
  109. Within a makeshift manger-bed
  110. Your hand (By your wounds)