Hymns and Songs for Holy Week and Easter

Jubilate writing/recording project for 2023

We have been looking for fresh new hymns and songs suitable for Holy Week and Easter, with the aim of producing a brand new collection for release in early 2024. The list of chosen pieces is:


Lyric writer

Music writer (or TUNE)

See how a woman shows devotion

Martin Leckebusch

Peter Burton

Behold the road to Zion's hill

Andrew Finden

Andrew Finden

When Jesus Knelt

Martin Leckebusch



Susan Goforth

David Hill

When you prayed beneath the trees

 Christopher Idle (existing words)

Judy Gresham

Drop, slow tears

Ally Barrett

Joel Payne

Oh Christ, I Kneel

Keiko Ying

Dave Forrey

In Silent Pain The Eternal Son

Christopher Idle (existing words)

Andrew Finden 

We gather here

Donald Wetherick


Sing, God's Easter people, sing!

 David Mowbray (existing words)

Simon Hancock

Jesus is risen! Alleluia!

Geoffrey Lyon

Roger Peach

O sing the song of Easter day

Joel Payne

Joel Payne

Our aim is to resource churches worldwide with high quality new Jubilate hymns/songs/recordings for this most important week of the Christian Year. We intend for the collection to have a sense of journey through from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, infused with hope that goes beyond the grave. 


Roger Peach, Jubilate Coordinator, E: roger@jubilate.co.uk W: www.jubilate.co.uk