From Psalm 90

Lord, you have always been our refuge: before you created the hills, before you brought the world into being, you are God from all time - and you will be God for ever; a thousand years in your sight are like yesterday, already gone. We are like flowers that spring up in the morning, bloom in the afternoon and die in the evening:
Lord, you know our weakness and our sinfulness -
teach us how short our life is,
so that we may become wiser.

We pray for those who know their days are numbered, and for those whose strength is fading; we remember those whose later years are passing by those and who are weak, or in trouble or sorrow:
Lord, have pity on them,
fill them each morning with your love
that they may praise you and be glad.

Give them as much happiness as they have had sadness; let them see your strength, and your blessing upon those they love:
O Lord, bless them and prosper them;
in the name of Jesus our redeemer. Amen.