Jubilate has for more than 50 years sought to promote the use of quality words and music in worship in churches across the world. In its early days (see background) it was involved with a number of ground-breaking publications; now its primary outlet is through its website with more than 1500 texts and over 800 tunes covering a wide range of styles and subjects. Its agency, Jubilate Hymns Ltd, administers the copyrights of many of the UK's leading composers and writers .

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Jubilate's sister project RESOUNDworship.org was launched a decade ago, bringing the same values of singable, inspiring, carefully crafted composition to the contemporary worship genre.

For more information about copyright issues go to the Jubilate copyright page or contact the Copyright Manager: copyrightmanager@jubilatehymns.co.uk

For more information about website resources contact the Editorial Co-ordinator Roger Peach: roger@jubilate.co.uk

Jubilate is a project of the Song & Hymn Writers Foundation (charity no. 1170493) which exists to exercise, model and encourage excellence in the writing of new songs and hymns for worship.