1 A thousand voices clamour
to find a listening ear; 
a thousand pictures dazzle 
to make their message clear; 
the scientific journal, 
the musings of the sage, 
expand our endless learning, 
our information age. 
2 Some stand for rigid dogmas 
that must not be denied; 
some claim that truth is fluid, 
a subtle, shifting tide; 
and in the hollow soundbites 
the cynics love to use, 
the truth becomes a victim, 
derided as fake news.
3 But one has come among us 
to show a better way: 
his every step consistent 
with what he came to say. 
In all his gracious teaching 
the voice of God is heard: 
for truth became a Person 
in Christ, the living Word. 
4 Lord Jesus, stir our courage 
to stand within the light; 
give honesty and wisdom 
for sifting wrong from right; 
and may your Spirit teach us 
to live by what is true, 
with words and habits fashioned 
in faithfulness to you. 
Metre: 7 6 7 6 7 6 7 6 

Author: Martin Leckebusch


CCL# 7184954