1 A glory shines in every tree and flower,
in blazing sunlight and in twilight hour;
it speaks of wisdom and creating power -
O God of love.

2 It shines in every time and every place,
on land and sea and into deepest space;
but, brighter still, it's seen upon the face
of Christ your Son.

3 Yet mortal features can reflect that light:
on Moses' face it shone so clear and bright
the people had to hide it from their sight
behind the veil.

4 Such passing glory soon began to fade;
but the eternal glory you have made
will be both now and evermore displayed
in those you love.

5 Since, even in these 'vessels made of clay'
the brightness of your presence lives to day,
Lord, grant that light which never fades away
may shine through me.

Derek Baldwin (b. 1944)
© Derek Baldwin, administered by The Jubilate Group
10 10 10 4 (ENGELBERG)

CCL# 5939783