A growing town, a growing need,
a growing vision: this the seed
from which our church began to grow,
first-built so many years ago.

Down through the years this church has stood
for faith and truth, for God and good;
its doors have opened wide for all,
and many here have heard God's call.

Raised up to serve this neighbourhood;
befriending all as Jesus would;
here others' trials are shared in prayer,
and those in need find those who care.

A family church where children too
find ways to serve and things to do:
where other countries' desperate needs
prompt generous gifts and selfless deeds.

Here choir and people join in praise,
and strength is found for darker days.
Here worship feeds and love sustains:
a fellowship where Jesus reigns.

So, as we celebrate, we praise
the Lord for all our former days!
Now for the future take us, Lord,
and help us still to spread your Word.

An alternative which may be more appropriate in some contexts
5.1 Here hearts and voices join in praise,

Brian Hoare b. 1935
© Brian Hoare / administered by the Jubilate Group
Tune: Gonfalon Royal (Percy Buck)
LM 8888

CCL# 5798292