1 A noble theme impels my heart to sing,
More swift my tongue than any writer's pen,
As I address my verses to the king:
O fairest far among the sons of men!
Your lips speak grace to everyone who hears;
So God will bless your reign for endless years.

2 Strap on your sword in glorious majesty,
Ride forth to war, defending truth and right;
Your mighty arm shall bring you victory,
And your right hand wreak havoc in the fight.
Your arrows pierce the hearts of rebel foes;
The peoples fall to your unerring blows.

3 Your throne, O God, shall stand for evermore:
Your sceptre saves the upright and the true,
Justice you love and wickedness abhor,
Therefore has God, your God, anointed you
With oil of joy no other head may share:
Your robes abound with aloes and with myrrh.

4 Musicians play, princesses throng your throne,
Beside you stands your bride in gold adorned.
O daughter, hear: forget your father's home;
The king desires you, bow to him, your lord:
Then other lands will favour you, his queen,
With honours, gifts and riches unforeseen.

5 Fair maidens wait, their princess to escort
In cloth of gold, the king himself to wed;
With joyful heart she steps into his court:
Leave kinsmen now, have royal sons instead!
With this my song shall generations praise
The glorious king through everlasting days.

Psalm 45, David G. Preston
© D.G. Preston/Jubilate Hymns
10 10 10 10 10 10 Iambic