1 Advocate, Amen, Anointed,
Brightness joining earth and sky;
Christ our Centre, Crown and Captain,
Dawn and Dayspring from on high:
End, Emmanuel, Eternal,
Firstborn and Foundation-stone;
Gift and Glory, Guide and Guardian,
Heart's Desire, our Hope alone.

2 Intercessor, truest Image,
Joy and Judge of all our race;
King of kings and Key to freedom,
Lamb of God and Lord of grace.
Mary's Son, Messiah, Manna,
saving Name, the Nazarene;
Only Son and perfect Offering,
Prince, and Priest who makes us clean.

3 Radiance, Reward, Redeemer,
Servant, Star and shining Son
Teacher, Treasure, Truth and Tower,
Urgent, Unexpected one:
Virgin-born, true Vine and Vision,
Wedding-guest and Wisdom's skill,
Yes to every pledge and promise,
Zeal to do your Father's will.

4 But what titles can contain you -
far beyond all words we use?
Great I AM, transcendent, holy;
yet you speak, to bring good news.
Hallelujah! For Christ Jesus
let our richest songs outpour:
Alpha, Omega, we praise you,
First and Last for evermore.

© Christopher Idle / admin. Jubilate Hymns
Metre: 8 7 8 7 D