1 All-creating heavenly Giver,
bringing light and life to birth;
all-sustaining heavenly Father
of the families of earth:
We, your children, lift our voices
singing gladly of your love:
never-ending are the praises
rising to your throne above.

2 Ever-living Lord and Saviour,
breaking chains of sin and shame;
ever-loving Intercessor,
prayers are answered in your name:
We, your servants liberated
at a fearful ransom-price,
in your kingdom are united
by that mighty sacrifice.

3 Life-conceiving wind of heaven,
breathing gifts upon us all;
life-enhancing Spirit, given
to enrich us, great and small:
We, whose talents widely differ.
now restore to you your own,
and in true thanksgiving offer
all we are before the throne.

4 Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
blessing all within your hand:
full the cup that we inherit,
firm the ground on which we stand:
We, your people, undeserving
of the grace you freely give,
now and ever, in thanksgiving
to your praise and glory live.

Michael Saward (born 1932)
© Michael Saward/Jubilate Hymns
8 7 8 7 D Trochaic
Recommended tune: MEAD HOUSE (Cyril Taylor)

CCL# 3209965