1 All the saints who serve in heaven,
all the saints who serve on earth:
only God has made them holy;
they are saints by God's new birth.
Some are shy and some are famous,
some have pain and death to face;
but they all have faith in Jesus
and he saves them by his grace.

   O when the saints (O when the saints)
   go marching in (go marching in)
   O when the saints go marching in,
   I want to be in that number,
   when the saints go marching in.

2 All the saints who walked and witnessed
on the roads of Galilee,
all the saints who followed after,
all the saints who yet shall be.
All the saints in Rome and Corinth,
Athens, Egypt, Crete, Judaea,
they are one in work and worship
with the saints who live right here*.
   O when the saints ...

3 As in Christ we come together
so in us his light shall shine;
sing out Holy, Holy, Holy
to the Majesty divine.
As the Lord of love and wisdom
never sleeps or fails or faints,
sing out Glory, Glory, Glory,
to the God of all the saints.
   O when the saints ...


* This line may be changed according to context,
   e.g. "with the saints of Hartismere"

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd