After Psalm 91

1 All who shelter in the presence
of the high uplifted one
rest where God Almighty's shadow
keeps them safe from storm and sun.
You would be like birds in danger,
dreading capture or disease -
but the Lord spreads out his feathers
safely shielding you from these.

2 Faithful God! His truth defends you
night and day, and brings a calm
which no trauma, no barbed arrow
can invade to do you harm.
If you make the Lord your dwelling
and in him alone confide,
you'll not fear, though tens of thousands
fall defeated at your side.

3 God appoints his guardian angels
to perform what he commands;
not a single stone will strike you
while they hold you in their hands.
So your life will be protected
And, unscathed, your feet will tread
on the wild, voracious lion
and the spitting cobra's head.

4 God declares that those who love him
will be freed from guilt and shame -
he will honour every person
who acknowledges his name:
he'll be there for them in trouble,
he will answer when they pray,
and their lives will find fulfilment
when salvation wins the day!

Emma Turl
© Emma Turl, admin. The Jubilate Group
Metre / Suggested tune: 8 7 8 7 D / Calon Lan (John [Glandwr] Hughes)

CCL# 5946109