1. Almighty God, God eternal and strong,
on earth and in the heavens your kingdom come.
Father you see all eternity days,
look to your broken world, our God, we pray.

2. Hurt and discarded, with no sign of change,
God for the hurting one, save us as we pray.
Starving and hopeless, the answer delayed,
God for the hopeless one, hear us we pray.

3. Sad stolen lives see no light in this day,
God in our darkest days save us as we pray.
Pushed back, forgotten, no help on the way,
God for the helpless ones, hear us we pray.

4. Almighty God - God who came to this earth,
thank you for walking in our pain and our dirt.
Walk once again in our darkness and greed,
Lord we cry out to you, 'God see our need'.

5. [Hum first 2 lines]*
Do not forget me (us), do not turn away,
God of unfailing love, save me I (us we) pray.

6. Almighty God - God of justice and peace,
we push this to your door, cry out for release.
You know the pain, understand all the loss,
Great God deliver us, our God with us.

[*NB:You may wish to use the first two lines of verse 5 to allow the gathering to bring concerns as intercessions. Hum the complete verse (or additional verses) if more time is required.]


CCL# 7061976