1 Almighty God, the Fountain-head
of earth and sea and skies,
you sway the ever-moving tide
the spinning galaxies;
but from your light we mortals hide
and turn away our eyes.

2 How mean our varied schemes have been
of head and heart and hand!
the multiplying germs of sin
outnumber all the sand;
where is the one who dares go in
where angels trembling stand?

3 The glory of your majesty
is more than we can bear:
your face and form we cannot see
and yet you make us fear,
until we find the only plea
to save us from despair.

4 Do not destroy us, God, we pray
with guilt upon our head;
for when our debts we could not pay
another paid instead:
Your mercy has made clear the way
by blood that has been shed.

5 You did not leave Christ in the grave
nor sinners in the tomb;
all that you are, in Christ you gave,
in Christ our God has come:
and in that gift, our life we have,
and in that love, our home.

Christopher Idle from The Prayer of Manasseh
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
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CCL# 3800591