1 And did you risk yourself, O Christ,
for such a world as ours,
into its hands to yield your life,
your name, your gifts and powers?
So few had seen and touched and heard,
so few received your love!
but now your Spirit and your word
have set us on the move.

2 What stories fill those early days
of saints whose names we know,
who risked their lives to speak your praise
and saw your kingdom grow!
What news escapes to reach us now
and shames our little faith
believers risking all for you
through prison, pain and death.

3 Lord, help us to release our grasp
on all that chokes the seed,
on all that undermines our task
or contradicts our creed;
to find the new security
of launching into space
when you baptize us, set us free
and give the opening grace!

4 No status, goods or power of choice,
no right and no renown
can matter when we hear your voice
or glimpse your thorny crown;
when we are least in human eyes
in you we are most strong;
can this be risk, to die, to rise
with you, our Glory Song?

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd

CCL# 3800601