1 As the memories echo down the ages,
scenes of bodies mired in Flanders mud,
wasted lives of long-lost sons and sweethearts,
left behind mid poppies red as blood.
While at home, their family life disrupted,
women toiled in unimagined roles,
as the silent zeppelins brought carnage
and again the passing bell was tolled.

2 As the memories echo down the ages,
of a kingdom occupied by Rome:
foreign forces, pagan domination,
those who longed for God to bring shalom.
See, he comes to challenge all injustice, 
fight oppression, selfishness and greed,
with his call to reconciliation:
Prince of Peace, who cares for all in need.

3 As the memories echo down the ages,
powerful empires, locked in bitter feud:
may we turn our backs on war and conflict,
so your peaceful Kingdom can break through.
Help us tame our fallen human nature,
and control our cruel and selfish spite,   
turn to Christ and value every stranger,
changing lives to bring forth peace and light.

Becky Mynett

© Becky Mynett / Jubilate
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