1 As day by day each morning comes
and sunrise puts an end to night,
as body stirs, and mind awakes
to greet the new day's growing light,
give us, O God, a grateful heart
for touch and taste and scent and sight.

2 But help us then to recognise,
while days turn into months and years,
it's you, our Lord, who wakes us up,
your word is whispered in our ears;
you teach us what to do and say,
instruct our minds and calm our fears.

3 Then, like Isaiah long ago,
we too can speak and live for you,
sustain the weary, bear the shame,
and know your strength in all we do.
In you, our Sovereign Lord, we find
all that we need to see us through.

Derek Baldwin (b. 1944)
© Derek Baldwin, administered by The Jubilate Group
Metre / Suggested tune: 8 8 8 8 8 8 / ST MATTHIAS (Monk), ST CATHERINE

CCL# 6137845