1 As friends meet round a table
when food has been prepared,
in gifts from God's provision
the joy of life is shared.
How clear is his intention:
enough for all to live,
enjoying the abundance
the Lord delights to give.

2 As friends meet round a table
they take, with gratitude,
the riches they are offered -
companionship and food.
In welcome and belonging
life's pleasure is increased,
till loving words and laughter
make simple fare a feast.

3 Come, friends, around this table
to share the holy meal:
in bread and wine encounter
God's love, so near, so real -
here faith and hope are nourished
as Jesus bids us come
to feast on all he offers
and find ourselves at home.

Martin Leckebusch
© Martin Leckebusch, admin. The Jubilate Group
Metre / Suggested tune: / SALLEY GARDENS

CCL# 7004714