As light for our dark world he came,
the long-awaited dawn,
when Mary's child in Bethlehem
for us was humbly born.
And still that sun has never set -
There's no benighted place
where Jesus cannot shine on us
his clarity and grace.

As healer of the sick he came,
whose wounds made sinners whole;
his comfort and forgiveness spoke
to many a troubled soul.
His cross speaks peace and mercy still,
for sins are pardoned there;
he'll satisfy our deepest needs
and all our sorrows share.

As Saviour of the lost he came,
to suffer grief and pain;
to drink for us the cup of death,
and then to rise again.
And in his risen power still
we have the victory,
for when we yield our lives to Christ
we live as truly free.

Emma Turl
© Emma Turl, admin. The Jubilate Group
8 6 8 6 D (DCM)
Suggested tune: KINGSFOLD

CCL# 5730030