1 At the feast of Pentecost,
out of sight, upstairs,
friends of Jesus waited,
praying fervent prayers.
Then they heard a mighty wind
gusting through the room,
and in tongues of flame descending
saw God’s Spirit come.
   Holy Spirit, breath of heaven,
   come in power today,
   show us more of Jesus,
   guide us on our way.

2 Gathered in the city streets
crowds of foreign folk 
heard in their own language
all the Christians spoke.
Peter’s words were bold and clear:
Jesus lives again!-
raised from death, our promised Saviour,
evermore to reign.
   Holy Spirit ...

3 Now in view of Pentecost,
Lord, it's our desire
as one church to serve you,
touched by holy fire:
Truth confronting wickedness,
love dispelling fear,
wisdom in our life’s confusion,
faith to persevere.
   Holy Spirit ...

Metre: 7 5 8 5 7 5 9 5 + refrain 8 5 6 5
(written for an all-age, family  service, the words were designed to fit ST GERTRUDE) 

words © Emma Turl / Jubilate
administered by Jubilate Hymns Ltd