At birth he lay in borrowed manger;
in the inn was found no room.
In death's dark hour a friendly stranger
placed him in a borrowed tomb.
So bold and brave, Christ scorned the grave.
His life he gave, the world to save.
He seeks a home - not tomb or manger;
in our hearts let us make room.

At birth the shepherds came to cheer him
told by angels where he was.
At death the crowds turned out to jeer him
dying on a cruel cross.
On that grim day, when sin held sway,
Christ showed the way, our debt to pay;
and still today, if we will hear him,
he will take our pain and loss.

At birth wise men sought to prepare him,
bringing incense, myrrh, and gold.
At death a drug was brought to spare him
as the agony took hold.
The death he died all hell defied;
his mercy wide bridged the divide.
Christ is the gift; we too must share him,
as the saving truth is told.

His birth fulfilled long expectation,
born to save both rich and poor.
His death, removing condemnation,
opened wide the heavenly door.
Now he is king, his praise we sing;
our worship bring, an offering.
This message is our sure foundation,
Christ is Lord for evermore.

John Capon b.1938
© John Capon /admin. The Jubilate Group

Suggested tune: Linden Lea

CCL# 5014770