1 At evening, when the sun had set,
the sick, O Lord, around you lay:
in what distress and pain they met,
but in what joy they went away!

2 Once more the evening comes, and we
oppressed with various ills draw near;
and though your form we cannot see,
we know and feel that you are here.

3 O Saviour Christ, our fears dispel
for some are sick and some are sad,
and some have never loved you well,
and some have lost the love they had.

4 And none, O Lord, has perfect rest,
for none is wholly free from sin;
and those who long to serve you best
are conscious most of wrong within.

5 O Saviour Christ, the Son of Man,
you have been troubled, tested, tried;
your kind but searching glance can scan
the very wounds that shame would hide.

6 Your touch has still its ancient power;
no word from you can fruitless fall:
meet with us in this evening hour
and in your mercy heal us all!

Jubilate Hymns verson of At even ere the sun was set , Henry Twells (1823 - 1900)
© Jubilate Hymns Ltd

CCL# 3180527