At many times, in various ways,
God spoke to us in former days;
By dream and vision, sound and sight,
Which spelled disaster or delight.
So, if the message carries weight,
its spokesman must be advocate;
small wonder if the prophet's fears
spill out in trembling and in tears.

But faithfully he draws the scene
in words, half-knowing what they mean;
God's Spirit moves the heart to seek,
the ears to hear, the voice to speak
of figures human and divine
revealed in symbol, shape and sign,
and wonders hard to comprehend
of earth's beginning and its end.

And as we scan each living page
let thoughts and prayers and praise engage
with warnings as with promises,
for one great light outshines all these;
though lions, kings and armies roar,
God rules, and loves for evermore;
let him be ours, and we his own,
all lands acclaim him Lord alone !

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle /Jubilate Hymns


Based on Daniel 7-12.

CCL# 3800649