1 Back at the dawn of time, on a canvas clear,
colour and light emerged: they were your idea!
Spectrum and tone and shade, each subtle tint and hue,
texture and shape and line, they are gifts from you.
Thank-you, creator God, for the joys displayed
by the splashing of light on the worlds you made.

2 Praise for the eye that pierces the world around,
glimpsing realities that are more profound;
praise for the thoughtful heart, fountain of vibrant joys;
praise for creation's wealth which our art employs;
praise for the skills that harness the gifts of sight,
so that others can see in a different light.

3 Those who are skilled in art of whatever kind -
share with them, holy God, what is in your mind:
let every gift be used under your Spirit's call,
lifting our hearts to heaven, and enriching all;
so may the works of art that we bring to birth
honour you, and be judged of eternal worth.

Martin E Leckebusch (b.1962)
© Martin E Leckebusch, admin. The Jubilate Group
11 11. 12 11. 11 11
Suggested tune: WATER-END

CCL# 5729979