1 Bless the Lord, created things,
highest heavens, angel host;
bless the Father, Spirit, Son:
worship, all creation.

2 Sun and moon and stars of heaven,
showery waters, rain and dew,
stormy gale and fiery heat:
worship, all creation.

3 Scorching wind and bitter cold,
icy blizzard, morning mist,
light and darkness, nights and days:
worship, all creation.

4 Frosty air and falling snow,
clouds and lightnings, dales and hills,
all that grows upon the earth:
worship, all creation.

5 Springs and rivers, ocean deeps,
whales and fishes of the sea,
prowling beasts and soaring birds:
worship, all creation.

6 All on earth who serve our God,
priests and people of the Lord,
upright, holy, humble hearts:
worship, all creation.

From Benedicite , Judy Davies (born 1935)
© Judy Davies/Jubilate Hymns
7 7 7 6 Trochaic

CCL# 3144271