1 Blessed, each one who does not walk
where the ungodly hold their talk,
stand in wait where sinners meet,
sit where cynics take their seat;
Lord, your law their joy they find,
day and night it shapes their mind.

2 Come, each true believer see
as a firmly-planted tree;
flowing waters, crystal clear,
make it fruitful year by year:
green, unfading, are its leaves;
boundless grace all good achieves.

3 Evildoers are not so;
chaff that flies when breezes blow
in God's judgement cannot thrive,
with his flock will not survive:
God knows all his children's path;
paths of evil end in wrath.

Christopher Idle from Psalm 1
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
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Suggested tune: ENGLANDS LANE

CCL# 3800694