1 Blow upon the trumpet!
Clap your hands together,
sound aloud the praises of the Lord your king.
He has kept his promise,
granting us salvation:
let his people jubilantly shout and sing!

2 Blow upon the trumpet!
Let the nations tremble;
see his power obliterate the sun and moon.
This is God's own army
bringing all to judgement,
for the day of Jesus Christ is coming soon.

3 Blow upon the trumpet!
Arrows in the lightning
fly the storm of battle where he marches on.
Glory to our shepherd
keeping us through danger,
setting us like jewels in his royal crown.

4 Blow upon the trumpet!
Christ is surely coming,
heaven's forces mobilizing at his word.
We shall rise to meet him:
death at last is conquered,
God gives us the victory through Christ our Lord!

After Psalm 98 and Joel 2, Michael Perry (1942 - 1996)
© Mrs B Perry/Jubilate Hymns
6 6 1 1 D

CCL# 2646196