1 Bright mystical starlight shone over the place
where Jesus our saviour first showed us his face;
his sweet mother Mary watched over the stall
where God, now incarnate, first welcomed us all:

The starlight, the shepherds, the angels and kings,
all tell us of Christ and the joy that he brings.


2 The Bethlehem shepherds were keeping their sheep,
not caring for comfort, not daring to sleep;
then out of the starlight came news of great joy,
for God is incarnate, and born as a boy:

3 The angels were filling that Bethlehem night
the air with their song and the hills with their light;
the message they sang is for you and for me
our God is incarnate, and setting us free:

4 Three wise men and noble came out of the east,
they came to the town that of all was the least;
they followed the starlight and came to the king,
our God now incarnate, who hears as we sing:

Paul Wigmore (born 1925)
© Paul Wigmore/Jubilate Hymns
11 11 11 11 Anapaestic and Refrain

CCL# 989357