1 Bring strength and joy to all who fear God's name,
new hope for those of sin and death afraid;
the end of strife, the reign of peace proclaim,
the burden lifted and the ransom paid.

2 Now hear the voice that makes his pathway straight,
see rugged places by his hand restored;
valleys and hills which for his coming wait,
when earth shall see the glory of the Lord.

3 Now pomp and pride and pageant pass away
like grass that withers and the fading flower:
when God the Lord breathes on our little day
his word alone remains in all its power.

4 Lift up your voice, and let the people hear:
'Your God is mighty and his coming sure!'
With outstretched arm he rules both far and near,
yet in his tenderness he leads the poor.

5 Who can recount the glories of the Lord,
or tell his worth, or name his holy name?
Then let him be by everyone adored,
throughout all ages evermore the same!

Derek Baldwin (b 1944)
© Derek Baldwin / admin The Jubilate Group

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Tune suggestion: WOODLANDS