1 Broad is the way that leads man to
The place that's called destruction;
Narrow the way to life anew,
The way which few will walk on:
   Get on the road which leads you to God
   Start at the cross of Jesus;
   He is the way, the truth, and the life
   So trust Him, come and follow Jesus (Jesus).

2 God has prepared a place for all
Who trust in Christ as Saviour;
His promise is that at His call
We'll live with Him for ever:
   Get on the road ...

3 We can draw near to God in prayer,
Know Him as Friend and Father;
We can approach God without fear,
And know His love forever:
   Get on the road ...

4 No other way to God is true,
No other way than Jesus,
No other way to God for you
Jesus alone can save us:
   Get on the road ...

Michael Baughen (born 1930)
© Michael Baughen/Jubilate Hymns