1 Cattle know their master's manger
oxen feel their owner's tread;
we alone, in mortal danger,
shall we feel no joy, no dread?

2 Shall our God be ever nearer
than he is this day, this night?
Can his love be closer, clearer,
than in Bethlehem's pure light?

3 Yes! In darkness we have found him,
nailed upon a cross of wood;
here is love, and earth around him
is transfigured by his blood.

4 Hear his first, his final calling;
sense his footstep, see his hand:
he alone keeps us from falling;
how long till we understand?

5 Call on God while he is near us,
seek him while he may be found!
Christ has come! and he will hear us,
earth again be holy ground.

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
8 7. 8 7

CCL# 3800704