1 Child in a stable:
how lovely is this place
where God is able
to show such perfect grace!
No princely babe that smiled
or palace that beguiled,
in history or fable,
could ever match this Child
within a stable.

2 God comes in weakness,
and to our world for love
descends with meekness
from realms of light above.
This Child shall heal our wrong,
for sorrow give a song,
and hope in place of bleakness;
for nothing is so strong
as God in weakness.

3 Now night is ended!
The chasm that divides
at last is mended,
and God with us abides.
For on this happy morn
new glory wakes the dawn;
the Sun is high ascended
to us a Child is born,
and night is ended!

Dans cette , Cantiques Spirituels (Fl 1928), tr. Michael Perry (1942 - 1996)
© Mrs B Perry/Jubilate Hymns
5 11 6 6 7 11

CCL# 3156805