[The text below is not by a Jubilate author but is included for convenience. The music is available on this website (see the tune BUNESSAN). The words and music together are in The Jubilate Group publications shown below.]

1 Child in the manger, infant of Mary,
outcast and stranger, Lord of all!
Child who inherits all our transgressions,
all our demerits on him fall.

2 Once the most holy child of salvation
gentle and lowly lived below:
now as our glorious mighty Redeemer,
see him victorious over each foe.

3 Prophets foretold him, infant of wonder;
angels behold him on his throne:
worthy our Saviour of all their praises;
happy for ever are his own.

Mary MacDonald (1789-1872),
translated L MacBean (1853-1931)