1 Christ in majesty ascending!
Christ in splendour reigns on high;
at God's throne, in praise unending,
heaven's hosts 'hosanna' cry.
With that song our voices blending
Christ our king we glorify.

2 Christ triumphant there is seated
and the race of faith is run;
now redemption is completed,
love's great victory is won.
Shall not now the world be greeted
with the gospel of God's Son?

3 Christ his promise swift fulfilling
sends his Spirit for the task;
wisdom, patience, grace instilling
gifts we scarcely dare to ask.
So shall Christian lives, God willing,
faith awaken, sin unmask.

4 Christ ascending! Christ preparing
an eternal dwelling-place;
there our human nature wearing,
representing every race.
At the last, Christ's splendour sharing,
we shall see the Father's face.

© David Mowbray/Jubilate Hymns
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CCL# 1560531