1 Christ the Lord who calls us
by his loving grace
meets us at his table,
gives to each a place;
everyone who trusts him
here becomes his guest
at this meal most costly,
holiest, and best.

2 Once he gave his body
on a cross of wood;
now he lives to bless us
with his precious food:
'Do this' he commanded
'to remember me';
let us taste his goodness,
his salvation see.

3 By this loaf now broken,
by this cup of wine,
Christ provides his people
with his gracious sign;
joining in one body,
all may take one bread,
sharing in one Spirit,
governed by one Head.

4 All the host of heaven
join our thankful song;
saints, apostles, prophets,
all the martyr throng;
with the holy angels
let his church proclaim
his atoning mercy,
his unrivalled name.

5 Christ be all our glory
till he comes again;
by his death we conquer,
by his life we reign:
Christ who made us welcome,
Christ who calls us friends,
shall receive our worship,
praise that never ends.

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
6 5. 6 5. D

CCL# 2858331