Christ, who for our salvation came,
Redeemer, living Lord,
whose conquering death for ever speaks
God's favour, faith's reward;
your blessing rests on all whose eyes
your body cannot see,
yet who, through faith in you alone,
Your Body still may be.

Christ in the heavens, reigning now,
ascended, glorious King,
around whose throne the angel hosts
eternal praises sing;
rising on high to shower your gifts
on all who bow the knee,
and in the Name above all names
Your Body strive to be.

Christ in the Pentecostal rush
of wind and noise and flame,
of spirits stirred and tongues unleashed
to glorify your name;
your Spirit comes to burn and bless
and set your people free,
so that in power and joy and love
your Body they can be.

Christ in our hearts, to whom all praise
and honour still are due,
send now your Spirit on us all
to teach, empower, renew;
then, as your kingdom's Day draws near,
a startled world will see
your image made anew in us -
your Body we shall be

Derek Baldwin (b. 1944)
© Derek Baldwin, admin. The Jubilate Group
Metre: 8 6 8 6 D (DCM)

CCL# 7017830