1 Christians, join in celebration,
lift your voices, rise and sing!
Praise to him who brought redemption,
Jesus prophet, priest and King:
in resounding songs of worship
let your Alleluias ring!

2 Let the Church fulfil its calling,
preaching Christ to every race,
guided by his word and Spirit,
strengthened by his power and grace:
we are told to share that mission,
each in our appointed place.

3 Let the Church be strong and active,
as it cares for human needs;
open to the Spirit's promptings,
quick to follow where he leads;
true in worship, life and witness,
sharing Christ in loving deeds.

4 Glory, honour, power and blessing
be to him whose name we bear,
Jesus, living Lord and saviour
in his risen life we share:
lift your voices, all his people,
let your songs his praise declare!

James Edward Seddon (1915 - 1983)
© The Representatives of the late James Edward Seddon / Jubilate Hymns
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CCL# 873566