1 Christ's church shall glory in his power
and grow to his perfection;
he is our rock, our mighty tower,
our life, our resurrection:
so by his skilful hand
the church of Christ shall stand;
the master-builder's plan
he works, as he began,
and soon will crown with splendour.

2 Christ's people serve his wayward world
to whom he seems a stranger;
he knows its welcome from of old,
he shares our joy, our danger:
so strong, and yet so weak,
the church of Christ shall speak;
his cross our greatest need,
his word the vital seed
that brings a fruitful harvest.

3 Christ's living lamp shall brightly burn,
and to our earthly city
forgotten beauty shall return,
and purity and pity:
to give the oppressed their right
the church of Christ shall fight;
and though the years seem long
he is our strength and song,
and he is our salvation.

4 Christ's body triumphs in his name;
one Father, sovereign giver,
one Spirit, with his love aflame,
one Lord, the same for ever:
to you, O God our prize,
the church of Christ shall rise
beyond all measured height,
to that eternal light,
where Christ shall reign all-holy.

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
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CCL# 334964