1 City of God, Jerusalem,
where he has set his love;
church of Christ that is one on earth
with Jerusalem above:
here as we walk this changing world
our joys are mixed with tears,
but the day will be soon
when the Saviour returns
and his voice will banish our fears.

2 Sing and be glad, Jerusalem,
for God does not forget;
he who said he would come to save
never failed his people yet.
Though we are tempted by despair
and daunted by defeat,
our invincible Lord
will be seen in his strength,
and his triumph will be complete.

3 Sorrow no more, Jerusalem,
discard your rags of shame!
take off your crown as a gift from God
who has called you by his name.
Put off your sin, and wear the robe
of glory in its place;
you will shine in his light,
you will share in his joy,
you will praise his wonderful grace.

4 Look all around, Jerusalem,
survey from west to east;
sons and daughters of God the king
are invited to his feast.
Out of their exile far away
his scattered family come,
and the streets will resound
with the songs of the saints
when the Saviour welcomes us home.

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
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CCL# 2703053