The piece works well with any combination of these lines. With small numbers, try singing just two or three. Divide the congregation into groups. Each group repeats its line again and again. To start with, establish line 1 firmly, then add others gradually, saving line 6 to the last. Lines 3,4, and 5 can be sung in canon.

1 Come and hear the news,
the news of Christmas joy for all people!

2 'Go today, find your redeemer,
he is born in Bethlehem!'

3 Angels sing, good news they bring,
joyful news of the saviour:
go to Bethlehem and find him
lying in a manger Christ the Lord! Listen...

4 Let's go to Bethlehem and find him;
the saviour prophets have foretold.
He is lying in a manger Christ the Saviour who is born for us; let's...

5 Praises sing to our King
praise to the Prince of peace.
Let us praises sing to our King
for his name is Wonderful Counsellor, so ...

6 'Glory in the highest heaven;
peace on earth, good will to all!'

Michael Perry (1942 - 1996) from Luke 2
© Mrs B Perry/Jubilate Hymns Ltd

CCL# 2706490