1 Come and see the shining hope that Christ's apostle saw;
on the earth, confusion but in heaven an open door,
where the living creatures praise the Lamb for evermore:
Love has the victory for ever!
Amen, he comes! to bring his own reward!
Amen, praise God! for justice now restored;
kingdoms of the world become the kingdom of the Lord:
Love has the victory for ever!

2 All the gifts you send us, Lord, are faithful, good and true;
holiness and righteousness are shown in all you do:
who can see your greatest Gift and fail to worship you?
Love has the victory for ever!

3 Power and salvation all belong to God on high!
So the mighty multitudes of heaven make their cry,
singing Hallelujah! where the echoes never die:
Love has the victory for ever

Christopher Idle from Revelation 4, 5, 15
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
13 13 13 8 and refrain

CCL# 3255816