1 Creator God, with whom we share
the ruling of your world, we ask
as we are named creation's heirs
make us more willing for our task.

2 For you have blessed all things that live,
that run or fly or swim or crawl;
but we were destined to receive
our stewardship of care for all.

3 All creatures share your gift of breath;
on every kind our race depends;
like us, they move from birth to death,
our servants, helpers, and our friends.

4 So turn us back from acts of wrong,
from all unkindness and neglect;
reverse the abuses of the strong
to right control and true respect.

5 Though now we find your world decayed,
enslaved by fear and locked in pain,
in Christ creation is remade,
all things restored, set free again.

6 O Christ, you shared a cattle stall
and rode the path a donkey trod;
Redeemer, Servant, Lord of all,
all creatures praise you, Lamb of God!

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
part of the podcast series: 30 Hymns: Christopher Idle with Lance & Sue Pierson

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