1 Earth in all its fulness,
sea and sky and land,
are the Lord's possession,
fashioned by his hand.
Since we are his creatures,
children through his grace,
let us serve our sovereign,
live to bring him praise.
   Christ ascends victorious
   where his Father waits.
   Crown him King of glory -
   open, heavenly gates!

2 Holy and exalted
sits the Lord supreme -
how can we as sinners
climb that hill to him?
Since his Son has saved us,
cleansed us with his blood:
we may come before him,
seek the face of God.
   Christ ascends ...

3 Let the doors eternal
wide in welcome swing,
greet the risen Saviour
as he enters in.
See our strong deliverer
take his seat above -
he's the Lord almighty,
Jesus, King of love!
   Christ ascends ...

Emma Turl based on Psalm 24
© Emma Turl, admin. The Jubilate Group
Metre: 6 5 6 5 D with refrain 6 5 6 5
Suggested tunes:
ROYAL WAY (John Turl), CHRIST ASCENDS (Gill Berry), RACHIE (Caradog Roberts)

CCL# 5749409