Every hearth a holy altar,
every house a house of prayer:
in our everyday surroundings
stir us to be more aware -
more aware that you are present,
God our Father, Lord of all,
wanting every home as your home,
every room a sacred hall.

Any roof we use for shelter,
any home which offers rest -
more than any other haven,
refuge found in you is best.
Cradled in your loving welcome,
hearts and minds are set at ease:
your protection, your provision -
who could wish for more than these?

When we close the doors behind us
on that inner, private place,
may our thoughts and words be loving
and our deeds infused with grace.
So may all who cross the threshold
find a home you gladly own:
one where Christ is served and honoured,
one where you are named and known.

Martin Leckebusch (b.1962)
© Martin Leckebusch, admin. The Jubilate Group
8 7 8 7 D (Bethany)

CCL# 5730023