1 Exult, creation round God's throne!
All heaven, rejoice! All angels, sing!
Salvation's trumpet sound aloud
for Jesus Christ, our risen king.

2 Exult, O earth, in radiant hope;
in Christ's majestic splendour shine!
The Lord is here, the victory won,
the darkness drowned in light divine.

3 Exult, all Christians, one in praise
with our Jerusalem above!
This roof shall ring with Easter songs
that echo Christ's redeeming love.

4 Exult in God, pure well of truth;
in Christ, fresh fountainhead of grace;
in Spirit, flowing stream of life
eternal Joy our hearts embrace.

Christopher Idle from Easter Song of Praise
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
part of the podcast series: 30 Hymns: Christopher Idle with Lance & Sue Pierson

CCL# 1051631