1 Far greater than one thought or could suppose,
O Saviour, is your grace when free it flows,
when to a mortal being, poor and blind,
you open up your royal way and mind.

2 May those who seek, though troubled night and day
with anxious mind, for some true ground and stay,
who have no guide to lead them to their goal,
find this free gift of grace to make them whole.

3 O Christ, majestic tender heart of love,
how richly we your royal favour prove!
Your outstretched hands no weariness express,
so kind your heart, so strong your zeal to bless.

4 And now, what more should we demand of you ?
We have far greater mercies than our due;
bless us with many gracious happy days
and still enlarge our plan to sing your praise.

Paul Wigmore b. 1925 (from the German of Anna Dober 1713-1738)
© Paul Wigmore / Jubilate Hymns

10 10 10 10 Iambic
Suggested tune: LAVENDON