1 Farewell, friend(s) in Christ,
hold fast to the Lord;
we bid you rejoice
in God and his word.
His wisdom will keep you,
his Spirit will guide;
his love will not leave you,
whatever betide.

2 We give God our thanks
for times that have passed;
though days have flown by
the memories will last
of tasks undertaken
of people who cared,
and bread that was broken
and wine that was shared.

3 We look on in hope:
God's work, once begun,
shall not be in vain
though workers move on.
Whatever the journey
they surely will find
that friendship's before them
and prayer lies behind.

4 Goodbye and God bless
as pathways divide;
farewell and take heart
with Christ at your side.
With God's hand upon you
the future's assured;
'Godspeed as you go
in the name of the Lord.'

David Mowbray
David Mowbray/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
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CCL# 3861011